... and with gpp a small step to Mac support

With the gpp pre-processor, and BASICtools debugged in Linux, it was a small step to support Apple Mac found here.

The only Mac here is an ancient Mac Mini running OS X 10.4* -- like real old. But with it I debugged the code, got the compiler up.

For you, download gpp

Newer Macs will have gpp in the Coridium folder, on older Mac's you can

  • sudo apt-get install gpp
  • cd gpp/src
  • sudo ./configure & make & make install

Which places gpp in the /usr/bin directory (but this is not permissible on newer Macs).

There are 2 versions of the compiler ARMbasic.mac32 for older 32 bit only Macs and ARMbasic.mac the 64 bit version. Thanks to some friends I was able to do the final test on their Mac Mini running 10.15.7

screen shot on my old Mac Mini

GPP was originally written by Denis Auroux. Since version 2.12 it has been maintained by Tristan Miller.

When I can get access to a OS X 11 machine, I'll support those too.

old macs rules

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