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Surviving the chip shortage

Surviving the chip shortage

Posted on 21st Oct 2021

Coridium LLC in Florida is up and running, a new location, lots more humid. But a shipment of SuperPRO / LPC1756s came in this week. This should carry us through the rest of the year. While there are no LPC1756s in stock at the big vendors, and none expected till next March, one of our OEM custom...

Looking into PC-104

Looking into PC-104

Posted on 15th Oct 2021

The PC-104 standard though getting old, still has an active presence in industrial control. ARM micro-controllers continue to get faster and more powerful with speeds up to 600 MHz and 1MB of on chip memory. We've been asked to look into the possibility of replacing some of the low end x86 boards with processors such as the RT1062.

Coridium has moved

Posted on 26th Aug 2021

We have been quiet for a while, but busy getting ready for a big move. Coridium has relocated to Spring Hill FL. Most of the office is still in transit (moving van), the computers are here, up and running. Hopefully we will start shipping orders again in a week or so.

RT1062 testing and simple benchmark

RT1062 testing and simple benchmark

Posted on 23rd Mar 2021

Earlier this year we designed a custom PC104 board using the NXP RT1062 ARM processor (same one as on the Teensy 4.x). This is the new hot kid on the block, running at 600 MHz. Our BASIC is now much more easily ported into the native development tools (in this case MCUxpresso), and we have it wor...

Benchmark for STM32G431

Posted on 10th Mar 2021

Just a quick note. Been working on BASIC for the STM32G431. This port moves our code into STMCubeIDE rather than trying to move their code into our MakeItC gcc environment. With this we should be able to port our BASIC firmware code to new parts quickly. I'm at the point, that user BASIC programs are being loaded and run from Flash, and with that I can run our simple integer and floating point benchmarks. The numbers for the STM32G431 have been added to our benchmark table.

Coridium has a CAGE code

Posted on 5th Mar 2021

A customer recently asked if we had a CAGE code. Well that was something new to me, but at the time no, and I checked with a friend who does DoD work as to what that was, and he said pretty easy to set it up yourself. Luckily as a corporation we already had a Tax ID number, and for another client eons ago we got a DUNs number so l plugged them into the system. And I have to tip my hat to Russell with the Defense Logistics Agency, who must have been working from home after hours granted us a number within minutes of the request. So now we are 8W2R9 in the CAGE system. Is this worthy of a blog post, well at least I will know where to look it up if I need it. We've entered all the data into the system and should show up there in a few days.