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It's a Complicated World

We think the world of embedded system development has become too complicated. It's challenging enough to stay current in your chosen field of expertise, let alone master the typical software development system distributed with Gigabytes of install, or the complexities of network protocols like TCP/IP and HTTP.

Our Simple Crusade

We're on a crusade to simplify your world, and allow you to focus on what you do best. Our products are designed to configure themselves on most networks. The development environment is something you already use every day: Your web browser and text editor. The programming language is simple and can be learned in an afternoon.

What our customers say

I have designed a piggyback card that Intel will use to margin the vdd and vref circuits on our platforms. It will be used by FA and Validation teams to stress new memory designs on upcoming products.

Dave, Intel PMO

Overall I have been impressed with the ARMexpress Lite. It has the memory to handle large program and the speed to do the tasks needed. The Real Time Clock is essential for the door alarm program. It saves me the trouble of wiring in a separate Real Time Clock chip and writing a program to run it.

Randy, Kroger Stores

We are using the armmite to build some test rigs - we need things which can press the buttons on the cellphone, play sounds to it, and so on.

Mike, Vlingo

I've been a fan of the armmite and armweb products for a couple of years now. I have used them for 4 projects so far. Three for home use and one for work.

Mike, Amalfi Semiconductors

I am eager to use this in my educational setting for control and data acquisition applications.
We want to use it in scientific instruments for climate change measurements, etc.
I really like the simplicity of use, and the ability to see what is going on with the hardware.

Pat, UNR

I have had great service from Coridium and will be pleased to use them in future.

Keep up the good work! Lyndsay, Girton Laboratories Ltd

Your ARM solution looks good and will allow future expansion with minimum development time and expense.
Dave, Keystone Wireless

If you get a chance, take a look at what our robot did last year on that website. We were the only group who found a way to shoot the ball through the air and make it with he help of your boards.

Austin, Stark State

I like your stuff quite a bit. I'm sure its a tough business to be in but you do have a compelling product that is a good value.
I've wanted to have a general purpose computer with easy IO for my lab for a long time- your basic board is pretty close.

John, Travtech

I have really enjoyed developing with the ARMmite. I was looking for something easy to program, stable and fast. The ARMmite is just what I was looking for. I am using it to interface my home automation computer to my HVAC system in a project I call iHouse. Coding the ARMmite for this was very simple and ended up to be 20 lines! It has been up and running now for 4 months without any problems with the ARMmite.

Great Product at a good price!

Tim, Emerald Robotics

The ARMmite was an exciting find; it speaks ANSI/ISO C99 and the compiler is GNU C. The development software is free, easy to use, and allows you to use the editor of your choice (Notepad++ is the way to go). The ARMmite development software is also distributed with hardware control libraries.

I like the ARMexpress due to the ARM7 core and the pin compatibility with the Parallax STAMP.

Christopher, TRIGON INC., an FPD company

I recently bought one Coridium Armite board. It works fine for my requirements and kind of impressed.


We currently are using your products for a custom wire winding machine. And they work wonderfully.

Tina, Motionetics, Inc.

I don’t want you guys to have a swelled head, but you’ve got a great product.
Your ARMite unit was the perfect candidate for the automotive Transmission Control Unit (TCU) I’ve developed for a racing application. Ease of development and performance are amazing.
I’ve designed my own controller in the past, but wouldn’t even think of it now.


We decided to give the receiver more capability and I decided to use the ARMExpress as a replacement for the Stamp. This was

very successful and we were delighted with the performance, and in particular the excellent tech support and the evolution of the Basic Language towards a full featured subset of VB. The added capability enabled us to use over 1500 lines of code to enhance the performance and flexibility

through a much extended user interface.

Dick, EE consultant

We are looking at a variety of localization and navigation methods as part of a robotics project. Your ARMite wireless board provides an easy to program flexible tool (including good timers) for data transmission and timing synchronization via zigbee and ultrasonic linkage.

Bob, Quanta Methods

My client has made a presentation to Activision earlier this year and needed a motion control sensor interface to an Xbox 360 controller for a follow-up meeting.
The Armite was used to intelligently interface the motion sensors to the Xbox 360 controller.
The application of the Armite went very well and hopefully his follow-up meeting with Activision will be fruitful.

Carl, engineering consultant

I use the ARM boards usually as a quick way to flexibly interface some external circuits to a computer via USB; e.g., temperature sensors, pH sensors, microwave detectors …

They are like a ‘Swiss army knife,’ cheaper and more quickly available than building something dedicated from scratch.

Thomas K. Government Researcher

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