LCD812 LCD driver

OSHpark got me boards before UPS got me parts. Both came together yesterday, so I built up 6 PCBs, sending some off to Tod and Olzeke beta testers. Grabbed a 4x20 New Haven display that was sitting here in a bin, and mated the 2 together. It passed the smoke test, and with a 1 line program, I could see the default display come up.(alternate lines on and off)

IO(3)=1     ' turn on Backlight transistor drive

Next I dug out the LPC1114 code (nibble based control) from 2014. Changed the GPIO pin assignments and the result was above, Below was that original code running on the LPC1114 (in the forum)

original LCD driver

Next to do, change that nibble code to byte wide drive, then ...

As it turns out there is always something, NXP changed the ISP BOOT pin from my original LPC812 design many years ago, and of course I was using that new one for data, so I had to cut that and return to nibble mode. But now that LCD code is working well.

BASIC code wirelessLCD.txt

The KiCAD files have also been updated, and I will post those after do some more testing with a variety of LCDs.

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