New Extended BASIC debug tool

New Extended BASIC debug tool

Tod W is one of Coridium's long time users, going back to the days of the Parallax BASIC stamp replacement called the ARMexpress. Over the years he has made invaluable contributions to the BASIC tools, both pushing for floating point addition, then writing the library for the same. Even in the early days, he was not content with our BASIC tools, using Notepad++ and AutoHotKey to add features. His use of Notepad++ predated its integration into our tools, as I was stubornly holding onto earlier editors, even as they blue-screened newer versions of Windows.

Not content with some limitations of BASICtools, Tod began taking our Tcl sources and expanding them to his liking. Some of those features we liked and were inspired (i.e. plagiarized) to add them back into the stock BASICtools (bubble help, command scrolling, others I can't recall).

Tod has taken the time to document his Extended BASIC tools (EBT) and with the testing of Olzeke has decided it is time to release it.

EBT Feature Summary:

  • Customized BASICtools UI
  • Different UI Color Scheme
  • Customizable Fonts
  • Easy Toggling between EBT and BT
  • Additional Buttons for Commonly accessed and New Features
  • WebHelp MiniTool (quick access to web resources)
  • Additional Preprocessor Capabilities via New Preprocessor (FilePP)
  • Quick Access to relevant Host OS File System Folders
  • Quick Access to Toolchain Intermediate Files (potentially useful for debug of complex apps)
  • Enhanced Window Controls for main UI and child windows
  • ASMtool Module to compile ASM into AB constructs for inclusion into AB User App
  • TargetExplorer (TE) Module enables Near-Real-Time exploration of Variables
  • Disassembly of Compiled Code Procedures from within TE
  • Access to Core-Specific Memory Mapped configuration/data registers

The "formal" release is at the forum

You can comment there, or at the Telegram Group - a chat room

A EBT PDF manual here. There will be future manual additions for the ASMtool and TargetExplorer.

About that old ARMexpress mentioned, while it is no longer sold a faster cheaper ARMstamp is available

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