Playing with Chromebook

Playing with Chromebook

I'm going on an extended trip, so I decided to leave my heavy Dell laptop at home. Since I won't be doing any code development, I decided to give a Chromebook a try. They are light, do email and web surfing. So I've been trying to do all the things I might normally do on my PC on the Chromebook. So far so good.

As it has Linux on it, I decided to see if I could get BASICtools running there. And after about an hour, I got all the files up, and compiler recompiled (need to figure out how to make that more portable). But some success with FTDI serial connections. Not sure all the serial methods are supported or supported on all Chromebooks.

Blinky on an HP Chromebook--


It works with FTDI, but not MS USB serial (ARMstamp).

If you want to give it a try, let me know how it goes.

Coridium BASICtools for

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