Raspberry Pi Interface

Sometimes you want to monitor a running ARM BASIC board. Now a PC can do it for a while, but sometimes it goes to sleep, sometimes Microsoft tries to update it, sometimes who knows. So an alternative would be to use a more predictable device, such as a Raspberry Pi. They are cheap, very low power and predictable.

So with a couple edits to our TclTerm program, that now runs on the Pi. On the Pi you will probably have to install TclTk

sudo apt-get install tcl tk

And I like to use wish for debugging TclTk programs

sudo apt-get install wish

And to run TclTerm

tclsh TclTerm.tcl

TclTerm.tcl (version 7.35 and later) can be copied from the latest release of SetupBASIC or downloaded from here.

The goal is not to develop programs on the Pi, but to monitor a running BASIC or C Program there, gather data and/or control through the USB serial port. You can dump the output to a file, with the File -> Print to File menu, that file is saved in the home directory.

We are not Linux/Unix people, but if someone out there wants to help with the port, we could port all the BASIC tools to the RPi, the compiler already compiles under Clang. We just don't know how to get to the next steps.

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