Tooltip hints added to the IDE

Tooltip or mouse over hints have been added to our IDEs. One of our users has been modifying our BASICtools IDE for his own use or way of working. One feature he added was tooltips, something we did not know was available in TclTk. Well we aren't too proud to be inspired (i.e. copy with permission). So we added that as well.

We tried to keep the annoyance of hints down. No sense in adding a hint to Exit as that is pretty self explanatory. But the Test menu item above does not quite cover what it does. Which is to allow debugging of the serial control interface by exercising the individual lines.

The explanation of the Enter box is quite detailed, but we also make that hint go away as soon as you use that box.

enter box description

And we also give you a global disable on all the hints. Like our other settings, this is maintained in an .ini file.

global hint disable

So how well did we do? Download the new IDEs and give us some feedback at the forum.

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