Web connected clock up

Web connected clock up

After a couple days, and learning curve on the ESP8266, the ARMstamp driven web enabled clock is up and in use!

Don't look behind the curtain, but some flying wires for sure...

clock wiring

Learned a bunch along the way. The ESP8266 has a lot of early versions, and I thought the AT command set would be the lowest common denominator, but the latest firmware builds for that do not support some of the early parts. Early Lua seems to be the answer as it runs on the 4Mbit parts here, as well as newer ones. So treating Lua like an AT command set seemed to work best, until more digging into the nodemcu environment happens.

  • Still need to modify the enclosure, to make changes or show and tell simpler
  • Need some error recovery.
  • Add the planned light sensor for auto dimming.
  • Need to check for time drifting and adjust the minute timer
  • As part of daily time check handle day light saving time.
  • Add time zone sensing to time server -- assumed to be Pacific time zone currently

More details and full source at the forum.

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