When you need some more IOs - 2

When you need some more IOs - 2

One of our OEM customers has been using our SuperPRO. For a new project they needed some more speed, so they gave the LPC54005 a try. Turns out the speed was great, but they needed more than the 50 control points. They needed 80 control points and 4 RS-232 serial ports.

So they contacted us about a new custom board design. We started with the LPC54016 in the 208 pin package, and just finished the KiCAD schematic and layout. Will be sending the PCB out for fab and start ordering the parts.

Custom design work is our main business. If you need something similar drop us a line.

For this design we also ran all the other IOs to tenth inch headers, so we could control more IOs, upto 165 in all.

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